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Experiment 3: Delegating Men and women Sounds so you’re able to Animate and you can Inanimate Items Shown because the Photographs

Experiment 3: Delegating Men and women Sounds so you’re able to Animate and you can Inanimate Items Shown because the Photographs

One of several methods of taking a look at the influence out of grammatical gender on the categorization meet the most attractive singles from Akron, CO girl regarding things is the task out-of assigning male and you will female voices in order to inanimate items (get a hold of Demeure et al., 1994, 2002). Throughout these training, participants was basically asked to designate sounds so you can inanimate stuff, that have been presented during the photos having or in place of a tag (an excellent noun describing the item). The results getting grammatical gender dialects (Foreign language, French, German) have been than the causes English. It absolutely was that when out of Spanish and you may French audio system, grammatical gender got an effect on category – the brand new assignment out-of sounds is actually consistent with the grammatical gender regarding items. This effect didn’t are present to have Italian language audio system.

Inside Check out 3, we chose to utilize the activity off delegating sounds in 2 standards – presenting objects’ labels or to present pictures of those objects. We were searching for mastering if or not grammatical gender effects have a tendency to appear in Polish not just getting spoken stimulus and inside non-spoken tasks (presenting photographs rather than nouns). The procedure used in Try step three has also been designed to explicitly cognitively turn on the course off gender (we.elizabeth., male otherwise women sounds), which will support grammatical gender consequences. This can be if there is an intellectual connection amongst the categories of grammatical gender and physical sex, which may remain consistent towards sex and you will gender theory.

Within this test i presented the participants having a summary of names otherwise photos writing about the most typical home objects and you can one particular visually identifiable animals. The images referred to (and you can names was) grammatically feminine and you may masculine nouns. The fresh participants’ task were to favor a masculine otherwise women sound to be used of the sorts of object/animal when it searched while the a nature in the a comic strip. The newest fresh design are 2 (sorts of presentation: brands vs. images) ? dos (grammatical gender out-of nouns: men compared to. female) ? dos (dogs compared to. inanimate objects).


One hundred individuals took part in this research (80 women and 20 dudes, old 18–69 years; M = 35.2, SD = fourteen.6). The participants gotten one of two style of sheet sets: images or names. The team that have photos included fifty people (42 female and you will 8 dudes) while the category that have names included fifty players (38 feminine and you will several dudes). The latest subjects have been native Shine audio system, recruited on the street in almost any regions of Krakow. About article-fresh questionnaire, not one of your own participants matical gender. Contribution is actually voluntary versus remuneration. Informed agree is taken from all users. Most of the studies shown about paper was indeed approved by the Stability Committee of the Jagiellonian University Institute away from Applied Mindset.

Product and you will Procedure

Members was basically given nouns – labels from sometimes inanimate things (20 terminology) or animals (14 terms) which have person grammatical gender – 10 masculine and you will ten feminine inanimate things, 7 male and you may 7 feminine animals. A similar things and you will pet was indeed made available to a different group since the photographs. The photo found in the study was in fact symbols by the Freepik (offered less than Freepik’s totally free licenses) taken from this site flaticon. I picked pets whose labels in Polish provides a particular grammatical gender (person), but don’t indicate new physical sex of one’s animal (the word is the same for sexes; find Experiment 1 to possess a discussion). Inanimate objects was in fact household items, elizabeth.g., light (lampa – F) or kettle (czajnik – M). The whole a number of nouns included in that it try are demonstrated inside the Appendix cuatro.

Professionals was advised one to a restorative transferring movie having youngsters are are created, the fresh new letters in which is preferred home objects and you can pets. The work was to choose whether or not for each profile is to speak during the a beneficial female’s otherwise a great people’s voice. Players was indeed requested and come up with small conclusion and you may have confidence in the basic impression. Immediately following completing the appropriate a portion of the investigation, the players were asked in order to complete a survey containing a beneficial concern regarding their strategy for making decisions regarding gender out of the latest tasked voices (to help you investigate if or not grammatical gender are a consciously experienced trait), in addition to their proficiency in languages besides Shine (to have prospective intellectual interference, particularly in case of images).

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